Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ok it's been awhile since the update. I passed the test and then was sent home so not really a huge 3rd training day.

I have not worked since. I was not able to be schedualed last week since they were waiting for my test to taken and passed. No one had called me to see if I wanted to pick up a shift either so I've been moneyless.

I wonder how the money is going to be there? I don't really need much, but do Hooters girls really make the money everyone thinks they do? I'll keep an up to date log on my tips. Since that is a Hooters girl only method of income.

Thursday I strap on those orange shorts for a full shift. Let you know the experience and outcome.

Keep it orange!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Night?

I've worked at many restaurants and wow this was a Friday night? Barley any of the restaurant was filled. I walked in, stripped down to my uniform, asked whom my trainer was, found her and hoped for the best.

She was surprisingly nice and knew all the sidework and opening and closing work. A lot of girls were like "why are you training? You know all this stuff." Hopefully I can just take my test, yes a 160+question test that I have to score 90% or better on, and work that morning.

I seriously think I'm going to fail this test. It's so much stuff in 2 days and they are all trick questions. I wonder what happens if I fail? Guess we'll find out tomorrow!

One girl and I had a conversation, the rest still snubbed me. They were too busy flirting with the manager.

Still. Whatever.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day Of Training

You know how when you start a new job you pray that they person thats training you is nice and not a total bitch? Well thats what I was praying for the whole car ride to Hooters. I knew they wouldn't give me a total airhead, but most smart girls at Hooters are just bitches.
So I walk into there with a layer of clothes over my boob-baring, crotch-hugging, uniform; hoping my trainer would be there to great me. Nope. I was showed by the manager where to put my stuff and my extra layer of clothing. It's so much easier to wear the uniform there, those damn stockings are like spanx!

I walked out all "Hooter-ish" to see the manager randomly assign me to a girl. Small, cute, skinny, and obviously wearing a push-up, but then again it seemed like you were either the chunky girl with real boobs, or the skinny girl with the obvious water-bra.
She really knew her menu, steps of service, liquors, beers, and specials. I learned all the information just like I would at my old restaurant jobs.

Everything went smoothly, except for running into a girl and getting soda on me. Still the other girls have yet to say anything to me. Kinda sad 8 girls and only my trainer spoke with me. I had to start conversations with them and most we unresponsive. Typical. Seriously will these girls lighten up?

At least I know I'll make some money, at least thats what 2 of her tables were talking to each other about.

My trainer had a guy not tip her at all. It's my biggest pet-peeve. Please tip your waiter and waitress at least 20% and if they were truly great a little more will help. They don't get paid hourly and their lives rely on you tipping them properly. Plus if you don't they will remember you and next time you come in no good server will ever want you and you'll get that new kid who spills stuff on you, gives you cold food, and forgets your drink on every visit. I bet you'll love that. They also know other servers in other restaurants so don't just think it will be just there.

Enough preaching... second day of training is tomorrow. I hope I don't get a bitch ha ha!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Welcome to the first blog of the life of a Hooters Girl.

I met for orientation today here's how it went.

I walked into the establishment to see two girls standing at the front, doing their job of course. The one girl made me feel a lot better about being a bit bigger than most rail thin Hooters Girls. One girl got the GM and I started filling out paperwork, another manager came over to say hi and just as he walked up a Hooters girl, my new co-worker, walks up. Acts like I don't exist, I mean I didn't imagine they would all jump up at the new girl and introduce themselves, but a simple "hi" would have sufficed.

As I was still chatting and filling out paperwork another girl came up, thank god this girl had the decency to introduce herself. She seemed nice. After filling out paperwork I was taken to another part of the place and the manager started with the orientation. I know, I know, what could they possibly teach me besides how to stuff a bra right?

Well there were 5 or 6 girls in that part of Hooters, again my co-workers, whom basically snubbed me. Kept looking me up and down and scoffing. They were saying obsean things like "maybe if you sleep with the manager you'll get good shifts", and other things of that sort. Right in the middle of my orientation! Of course I know it's not true and the manager disclosed that to the girls. The whole situation made me uncomfortable.

I got my uniform, found out how to make my schedule (yes we make our weekly schedules, that's awesome!), and left with those girls still ringing in my head. Do all girls do this, or just the really trashy ones that were at my store? I know I am 10 time prettier than they are, but they are also skinnier than me so shouldn't they chill and embrace new girls since they get them all the time?

I don't get it and feel like I won't make any friends with any of these girls. Maybe I'll meet a normal one tomorrow during my training. Hopefully.